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Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
lol, the first time I listened to the clip, I had Nile's Beneath eternal oceans of sand going and the acoustic parts went with it and I didnt know the nile song was playing.

shred, what kind of music does your band play that you just now incorperating death metal into it?

Mainstream shit. Our singer sucks, but is convinced he is our singer, and gets pissed off when we play DM. Then again, I'm the only one who likes it. I've been working hard so that my control freak friend, the other guitarist, doesn't ruin my riffs, and the intent of the song.

All they ever say is "we need quiet time for singing," and mainstream music has plagued there minds into thinking that everything has to be:

half assed solo

The riffs I've wrote for it are pretty badass though. Starts off sort of spanish influenced, but mixes the harmonic minor sort of egyptian style into the whole bit.
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