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Originally Posted by SixfeetUnder420
How the fuck do you break a cymbal? Ive been playing for like 5 years and i beat the shit out of my drums and i've never broken a cymbal.

Cheap cymbals break easily. I broke my first 18" crash ride in about two months. Hitting that cymbal was like...i cant even describe it. The thing sounded like shit and was so bad that it felt like shit to play. Then I had some other no name crash that I got for 30 bucks. It was sheet metal instead of cast, and i think they break more easily. That one cracked in two places...fucking piece of garbage.
Anyway, guys break decent cymbals for many reasons. If you have your cymbals set up quite high and not angled toward you, then you're hitting the edge of the cymbal dead on and then the cymbal absorbs all of the force of the stick which is very bad. Even if the cymbal is titlted toward you, it can get fucked up if you follow through really hard i.e. with the force of your entire arm without backing off. The most common reason I think is if guys tighten the cymbals to the stands too tight so that they can't move freely (same idea as the stick dead on- it takes the whole force and can't move around to dampen the impact...physics). Cymbal springs can help with that.
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