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Sorry mate. Another word for trachea is the "wind pipe." It's part of the lungs, connecting the lungs together (looks like an upside-down "Y") into one tube that leads through the neck to the mouth.

Falsetta is what guys do to sing ridiculously high notes. Hansi (of blind guradian) of course doesn't do it, but if a "bass" singer had to sing a high note without screaming at the top of his lungs, he would use his nasel (nose canal) to do it. We all do it though. Just whisper...oh let's say an open "e" of the guitar which is I think a E5. What you're doing there might be close to what falsetta is.

Treble...I meant soprano. As in the high voice in a 4-part harmony. Bass is the bottom, alto is the next up, tenor, is third, and soprano is the highest. Rarely does a guy sing soprano so it's mostly women.
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