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there are 10,000,000 other tabsites that have licksnot, marilyn monroe, stinkin park etc tabs, why post them here?

i have no problem with others expressing themselves, as long as they dont bleat it everywhere, oh look at me im so HaRdCoRe cos i dig fags in boiler suits and masks throwing rubbish bins at each other on stage, or bands that sing "oh im abused my daddy touches me wah wah wah "

and HERE WE FUCKING GO, i have to explain myself to some tosser AGAIN because he cant hack the fact i dont like his sad little nu-metal band. im sorry if that sounded harsh but i am just absolutely fed up with it.

it is explained in the rules that nu-metal is not within nomads tastes so he will not have these bands tablatures. i am not trying to suck up to him, the fact is, these tabs annoy the hell out of me too so im trying to help cut down on tabs that wont be submitted anyway.

i hope i make myself clear.
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