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Originally Posted by guitar_demon
ok dislexic you seem to know your shit so please explaine this what is the poweramp and the preamp?

well... say you're listening to your shitty car stereo really loud, so loud it "distorts" it's either the speakers can't handle the volume and or poweramp is breaking up....
it's the same with a guitar amp.. you dime your tsl on say the clean channel. and you'll hear bits and peices of a sweet overdrive because your tubes are being driven so hard they're distorting. it's very musical and articulate. but on s.s. amps it usually doesnt tend to breakup so smoothly, more like really harsh blobs of random overdrive thrown into your mix making it extremely shitty... i guess if NIN synth style muck distortion is your thing than you could use it....
so powertube saturation is highly desired in most medium gain amps... especially marshalls. say the jcm 800's and 900's... not exactly high gain amps... but with the added poweramp distortion it just makes it sound so smooth and rich. very common in alot of thrashy metal type bands like slayer to get dimed jcm800's for that rich solo tone...

some powertubes breakup earlier than others...
el34's(what most marshalls have),el84's, and kt66's
have an earlier breakup than say..
kt88's and 6l6's.
meaning you get more "tube tone" .

alot of amps have an insane amount of preamp gain so people don't have to go def to get that extra distortion....
like def said, the preamp is what shapes your sound.

or... alot of people get little gritt boxes like say the ibanez tube screamer to get more distortion out of their jcm 800's without cranking them...

but the jcm 2000's have lots of preamp gain so power tube distortion isnt neccisarily required, but still sought after...

if you can't always crank that baby up but you want to hear what it sounds like cranked all the time... a power attenuator will do the trick, it allows you to run your poweramp at max and play a whatever volumes you want.... only problem with that is a good attenuator will run you a couple hundred bucks and you're tube replace ment will be a bit more often.

hope that helped..
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