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Originally Posted by Transient
i dont like sepultra anyways. id rather have you tabbing out other stuff :wink:

said it before, say it again:
malevolent creation-slaughter of innocence?

I'm planning on doing some more Malevolent Creation tabs off of the first album in the distant future. They are a high priority, but I have higher priorities that will keep me tuned to Eb for a while. I'm doing one tab right now in Db, when that is done I'm tuning back up to Eb. I'll look into Slaughter of Innocence, I don't listen to their second album that much for some reason. I can probably do it, though. I might check out Systematic Execution, too. I'm not sure. BTW, I was wrong about the tuning to Jesus Wept on the Human Waste EP, it's tuned to C just like on Effigy, so that will push that tab back for an indefinite amount of time. Just a heads up.
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