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Have the Dutch/Greek leagues started yet? I can imagine the Greek league starting later because of the Olympics.

Liverpool drew 1-1 against Spurs at the weekend but we looked much the better team. Arsenal walloped Everton (ha-ha!) 4-1 and looked impressive, even without Vieira, Campbell and Pires.

I wasn't impressed with Chelsea or Man Utd. Chelsea looked to be playing very defensive and hardly had any shots on goal which was very disappointing considering they were the home team. They had Duff and Robben out injured though, so maybe it's better to judge Chelsea when those players are fit again. Utd were very poor, they don't inspire fear in opponents like they used to. I think that they are a fading team and I can't see it turning around (Ha-ha!).

My top four for the Premiership, based on the opening weekend, would be:

1. Arsenal
2. Liverpool
3. Chelsea
4. Man Utd

I'm looking forward to the rant, Def!
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