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Originally Posted by Def
rackmount rat???? I didn't even know they made them, got a link or something?

I've only seen the rat I's and I's and the turbo rat's. I've got one from the first few series which looks all worn out but still sounds good, right now its at my friends place kicking the living shit out of a farting old jcm 800

ha, they don't make em any more.... very rare... when i went to music go round to try out some rack stuff they had a mesa v-twin rack pre and a rack mounted rat through a mesa simul 3:95..... i was playing it all through a marshall 2x12 with g12t-75's.... it sounded like a big muff on crack, it was soooo cool....

but yeh, there is a keely modded rat pedal on harmony central's classifieds... $100 bones.
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