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1.For the Champion's League I think Real
Madrid(though I hate this team) will
win it ,cause they finally got a good defender(Samuel)
and if they take Vieira(which is unlikely though)
they will be unbeatable.

2.I don't have a clue yet for the UEFA cup(we'll
probably play there after our failure to qualify
for the Champion's League group stage,unless
of course we beat Maccabi in Tel Aviv with
a 4-0 score.haha!)

3.As for our domestic league I think Panathinaikos
will win( I've made a bet with a friend of mine who thinks
Olympiakos will win it).Of course Olympiakos has many
good new players,while Panathinaikos sold his best
players(but Panathinaikos has support from the goverment now
,while Olympiakos had support from the last goverment
for 8 years.Things have changed)

For the Premiership I think Chelsea will win it,if they
don't they will be one of the biggest failures ever
after all those transfers and Mourinho taking over as
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