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Originally Posted by BLS
Thats the case with most amps. So unless you know what your talking about the i suggest you dont say much. I dont want XDX to embarras you.

how come you gotta bring me into this?
Originally Posted by ShredIsNotDead
xdislexicx says:

All amps have bad distortion at low levels silly!!!


when did i say that? hmmm.... not all amps.... certainly not rectos.....

heres how it goes... on most amps when you turn it all the way to zero it completely sweeps the highs and mids, so you hear a low rumble... turn it up to 1 or 2 usually and the highs and mids are present..... making it possible to get good tones at low volumes. thats where the presence control helps alot... turn it to gigging levels and the settings you had it on will normally need some tweaking to sound good again.... because usually what sounds best with the volume at 2 will not sound best with the volume past 5.

another thing is poweramp distortion.... when you drive an amp hard enough it starts to overdrive.
s.s. break up normally sounds harsh and blocky.... so thats why headroom is more desireable for s.s. amps or amps that depend on cleans that stay clean. for example, i'm currently using an 800w s.s. poweramp, not because i'm insane and i need 800w for my rig, but i'm at gigging levels before my poweramp even thinks about clipping out.. which is very nice...

tube poweramps on the otherhand... when they clip it sounds really smooth and articulate in a musical way... very desirable..... thats why older marshalls like the jcm 800 sound best when they're cranked out to 10. or why people like 50w heads.... it's easier to get powertube saturation at managable levels...

so when you hear gear heads talking about s.s. amps sound good at low volumes but sound worse the more you turn them up....and tube amps sound good at low levels and even better as you turn them up.

newer high gain amps were ment to give good headroom for cleans and tons of preamp gain so people don't require powertube distortion. for example 5150's.... 120w of 6l6 power ...6l6's have good headroom and don't breakup very easily... then the preamp section has an insane amount of gain.....

Originally Posted by Innards-Decay
50/50 has el34s which sounds ok. but the 20/20 is just good volume, not good tone imo.

not the mesa 50/50.... most mesas run 6l6's..... the marshall 50/50 runs el34's and the peavey 50/50 runs el84s.....
i think el34's and el84s sound fucking awesome.....
Originally Posted by Def
have you actually tried the 20/20 and 50/50? EL84's sound neato compared to 6l6's if you ask me...

and 6l6's don't sound like el34's either... el34's are much warmer, KT88's are the holy grail of tone. shame they cost like 300 bucks for four... and if you get really quality NOS Kt88's, way more...

el34's also have an earlier breakup.... great for poweramp saturation.
kt88's are rad too, cleanest fucking tubes ever... more headroom than 6l6's by far, and they sound much bigger.
i beleive some vht poweramps use them.
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