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(European) Football Season 2004/5

Yep, it's that time of year again. Most leagues in Europe are about to start or have already started so it's prediction time. In a similar vein to Ten Ton Alien's thread, I want to know who you think will win:

1. The Champion's League
2. The UEFA Cup
3. The domestic league title in your own country.

I'll also be interested to read about what we all think about the World Cup qualifiers that are about to get underway and how we rate our own nation's chances as the competition unfolds. Other subjects that I'm interested to read about is transfer speculation and general goings-on within the different leagues. I love football, so I'm interested in what other people from other nations have to say.

Well, I guess I'll start things off:

1. I'm going to wait for the draw to be made but as an early prediction, I'm going to say Arsenal. I think that with the style of football that they play, that it's going to be their year this year. They are just a quality side and I think their experiences in Europe over the past two years will have made them stronger and in a good position to mount a sustained challenge this season.

2. Predicting the UEFA Cup is a little more difficult because there are many more teams in it at the beginning and there are usually some shocks early in the competition. I haven't seen the full list of clubs in the competition as of yet so I'm going to reserve my judgement until the First Round Proper is drawn.

3. For the Premiership, although I would dearly love Liverpool to win it, I can't see beyond Arsenal. They are the best team in the league by a country mile, even if Vieira goes to Madrid (which it looks like he wont). Put your money on them now, while the odds are generous.

Liverpool are in good shape at the moment - we've had a good pre-season and Cisse has scored goals which is a good sign. Of course, the best news was hearing that Gerrard turned down an opportunity to go to Chelsea. Unfortuantely though, after 297 games and 178 goals, Michael Owen has decided to leave Anfield for the sunnier climes of Madrid.

I think it's a bad decision on his part - he's just not going to get into the Real team. Raul is a certainty to play whenever he is fit as he is the club captain and Ronaldo was the top scorer (I think) in the Spanish league last season. Where's the room for Owen? He'll be back in England in a year's time, just like Ian Rush when he went to Juventus.

Anyway, that should be enough to breath life into our footballing minds and I look forward to reading the opinions of fellow football-loving Metaltabenese folk.
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