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You can get a wicked sound out of fretless basses, if you try. Sure they're a bitch to play at first, but once you've played fretted long enough, and trained yourself not to have to watch your hands while you play it's simple. It's like learning to type on a keyboard.

Some Pros to fretless : smooth pitch changes and slides, none of that annoying fret-rattle, and (to other players) you look a bit more professional. Also, it depends on how the action is set on how hard you're gonna have to press to get notes out, it's NOT how all fretless basses are.

Some cons : It takes quite a bit of practice memorize the fretboard, around where I live you pretty much have to special-order fretless basses or pay to have them removed. And (obviously) fretless basses aren't beginner basses.
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