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I went to see a band I had never heard of once, and they blew me away, these guys walked on stage looking like half of Limp Bizkit, and one of the guitarists warmed up with a sweeping run, and I felt like walking out of the building, going home and throwing my guitar in the bin. These guys were 17 when I saw them two years ago and they had been playing for 10 and 8 years then, and Nick (the one who's been playing the longest) is shit hot. they play metal which has kinda ended up as powermetal with harsh vocals, but originally they had influences such as Dissection, At The Gates, Immortal and everything in between. Check out they don't shred for shred's sake, their solos are always part of the songs, not songs to support solos (yngwie!)

Maybe this kid will be good in a while, but he looked like a dick mashing all those notes with a guitar that practically drawfed him. And those idiots in the background who are 'worshipping him' need a kicking too.
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