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yea i saw this on another forum, and everybody there was giving him mucho complimentes, even though he sucked so much ass!

so i'll just post what i said on that thread:

I'm not impressed at all by this guy.
i started playing guitar when i was 11 years old, and at his age (14), i could play much cleaner. True, i didn't attempt to play Eruption, but that's the very thing that bothers me

If he was actually 8 years old, or 4, or still in the womb, I would've been a lot more impressed if he playing anything cleanly, mary had a little lamb, anything easy.
The fact is that he tried to show off and play something he couldn't play, Eruption. He did not hit one note cleanly.
Anybody can sloppily play Eruption with unwanted strings ringing out and generally bad technique, at any age if they just picked up the guitar for one month.
He's no better than dudes at Guitar shops that play hard songs unintentionally bad for the sake of showing off.
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