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Poems.. songs

Walk With Me

She never thought it would end this way
Remembering everything they used to say
Sitting in her room, alone in the dark
Wondering why she's so different
Slowly falling apart

Somebody walk with her
Listen to what she has to say
Why are you always ignoring her
Quit running away

All she wanted was a little attention
Is that such a crime?
She needed someone to help her
But now she's out of time
Its all ending, and you did nothing to help
You didn't bother to talk to her
Or ask her how she felt

Its all over now
It just doesn't seem fair
Why didn't you just talk to her
Why didn't you care

Somebody walk with me
Listen to what I have to say
Why are you always ignoring me
Quit running away

I'm sitting in my room
Alone in the dark
Wondering why i'm so different
Slowly falling apart.

My confession
(I need help with the very last line, so if anybody has any idea's, let me know.)

Rainclouds sit in a sky so dull
Voices scream with no self control
Stepping outside yourself
Watching your worst enemy
Waiting in anticipation
Waiting to bleed

Eternal blood, eternal life,
Eternal unhappiness, eternal strife

Anticipation eating through my skin
Wanting to sin, wanting to win
Wanting to live, wanting to die
Wanting to scream, wanting to cry
Eternal blood, eternal life,
Eternal unhappiness, eternal strife

Watch me waiting
Watch me sin
Watch me cry
Watch me win
Watch my anticipation
Eat through all significance
(need help here.. I was thinking something along the lines of something to do with indifference.. )
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