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Cannibal Corpse- Meat Hook Sodomy
Deicide- Carnage in the Temple of the Damned
Deicide- Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon
Megadeth- Good Mourning/Black Friday
Megadeth- Five Magics
Suffocation- Habitual Infamy
Suffocation- Human Waste
Vader- Testimony
Van Halen- Mean Street

Suffocation- Ornaments of Decrepancy (best outro riff EVER)
Watchtower- Instruments of Random Murder
Megadeth- Wake Up Dead
Megadeth- Set the World Afire
Megadeth- Mary Jane
Megadeth- Five Magics
Megadeth- Rust in Peace

I realized I like too many intros and outros, so I'm going to stop listing the ones I like.
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