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Originally Posted by atifman
i hate intros where they just jump right into the riff with a whole lot of blastbeats
"you gotta warm up the oven, before sticking in the turkey"

i love the meshuggah - transfixion intro, where it sounds like it's fading in, and then there's a sudden increase in volume, that's awesome.

i really like the nile - the howling of the jinn outro, it's all dark and depressing, and it just fits so great after the brutal music.

AHEM... Vile - Unit 731 just starts off and you seem to like that song.

Slayer - Raining Blood has that awesome thunder effect, then the tom drums... than BAM! the song starts.

As for outro's i like the outro to Arch Enemy - We Will Rise... the solo's just kinda fade out.
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