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Arrow The Fate of Bite Sized Children

I carry with me my most special toy
A toy for a man, not a little boy
A blade for which Id gladly die
Then In the park I suddenly spy
So sweet, so fresh, so virgin fair
The wind breezing through her hair
Such a picture of perfect grace
A smile stretched across her face
Such a prize I have to own
And with a short, impatient groan
I make my way down to the park
And dragged the child off to the dark
Now I have her in my lair
Slashing off her perfect hair
I hold my toy up to her eyes
So she can see what'll end her life
My knife trails gently down her throat
And, forgive me, I dont mean to boast
But what I did to her took skill
You need to know just how to kill
I peirced her flesh and heard her scream
I feel so free, this must be a dream
With a twist and with a pull
I used my wonderful new tool
To rip her throat onto her chest
But that's not why this kill's the best
She didnt die just yet, you see
It's best the meat is fresh to eat
To the stove I dragged the child
And with her screaming loud and wild
I sliced her flesh to smaller size
That was when my victim died
I cooked her nicely, cooked her well
Such a taste they do not sell
I sank my teeth into the meat
The blood dripping to my feet
For such a taste you have to kill
I gladly take life for my fill.
... Flamage ...

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