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I can help you greatly. Doing this yourself is very easy. First you must know a few basics about soldering, I will asume you know a little about it but I will recap fast. Bigger the blob is NOT better the job, so only use small amounts for each connection. Don't hold the hot soldering iron to your electronic for a longer than a few seconds while soldering a connection and remove the iron and soldering wire in one motion once a little has melted onto the connection. Use only electronics solder with flux core resin. Practice solding alittle before doing the real job.

Now, you don't have to get a new blade switch but 2/5 of you positions will not work on your current switch unless you bridge some of the connections. I would recomend you replace your current switch with a 3 way blade switch.

You don't have to route a battery cavity in your guitar if you don't want to, because the battery will fit in the control cravity perfect. Just use alittle form padding to seperate the battery from contacting the other electronics.

I will find you the wiring diagram you want, just give me alittle time and I will post it here. 1 vol 2 tone, 3 way blade switch, right? Just because your guitar has that setup doesn't mean you have to use it, you know? One more question, do you have the EMG 25K potentiometers? If you have the ZW box set with all the electronics included this will be very easy.
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