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I have 8 guitars of which none costed me more than $500.
I like buying cheap guitars and making them kickass for some reason.
1. My main guitar, is my washburn which kicks ass. I will be doing a lot of things to this guitar. When I'm done with this guitar it will probably be worth a hell of a lot more.
2. Acoustic guitar, Olympia by Tacoma
3. BC Rich body art JRV ( the one with all the skulls on it)
4. Jackson RX10D. Got real cheap on ebay, dont play it that much though.
5. This cheap Peavey starter strat guitar that I got on ebay for $60. It actualy doesn't play to bad. And I did a EVH make over looks kinda like this now
6. My very first guitar that was also cheap starter stat. I havent done anything to this guitar.
7. Some Vantage bass that I got real cheap at a music store. I dont play bass so I dont really use it very much.
8. And finally this explorer shaped copy guitar. Hondo I think the company is.

That is all.
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