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i would have slapped him... seriously if you can't get along with your band mates, then you're going nowhere.
bass should not neccisarily be heard "over" the guitars.... it should be heard "threw" them imo... the pulling from the counter point melodies and the thump is what most people like from alot of songs, they just don't know it because they hear the guitars and they feel the bass.
if everytime you turn up your amp the guitarists turn theirs up, get a bigger amp. hell, for my bass rig i have an acoustic control fullstack... 350w head and a 4x15 cab... no volume problems for me. because that rig sounds HUGE. i'm selling it though because i want a 4x10 cab and a 1x18... easier to move two medium sized cabs than one huge cab... the 4x15 is as tall and wide as an 8x10 but like twice as deep and quite a bit heavier.. i have no roadies.... luckily i play guitar in my main band.

i'm not really biased towards any side becaue i play everything, guitar,drums,bass,singing(some),hell even a little keyboard... in my band i play guitar, then we have another guitarist,a drummer, and a vocalist... no bass. we do some weird shit and we've tried the bass thing before, but the cool bassists suck so they arent good enough... and the good bassists are either taken or they have a cocky attitude that makes them useless to the music world.
so we work around it...
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