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the h4's arent to bad for passive emg's... but mainly the 81,85,and 60 are the emg active humbuckers of choice.
i plan on gettin a guitar with active pickups soon, 1972 tele thinline with a duncan livewire metal in the bridge and an emg 60 in the will be sick as hell.
i like active pickups, but i don't see why alot of people give them a bad rep. just because the don't rely on the woods of the guitar as much as passives. but hell, ever compared a squire strat with a 81 to a waaayy nice guitar like a prs, gibson, or hammer with an 81 in the bridge? they don't sound to similar all of a sudden.
a zw emg in a cheap epi lp wont sound like zack's real guitar just because they have the same pickups.
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