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Your method with the middle finger is very confusing. You say "hold it about an inch from the tip of the pick" but then say "almost touching your thumb" which indicates you have to somehow put your finger underneath, and behind your thumb.........i don't see any other way of touching your thumb with your middle finger, while your index and pick are in the way.

My suggestion to you is just practice with the thumb. It'll take a while before you find out the right way for yourself to hold the pick, but just keep at it until you do. I've become so used to it now that i don't have to move my thumb down the pick like i did in the beginning.....i just think it's simpler and easier to play with my thumb that low on the pic. When it comes time to pinch harmonic, i just "squeeze" or press my thumb a little harder against the pic, and i force it down a little, just so a sliver of flesh appears on the bottom of the pic. That's what i do and it works fine.

Another difference is i find pinch harmonics are easier to do on higher strings......but then again, we most likely have different sized strings. The thicker the string, the harder PH are to do. But thin ass .009 strings for you high E are hard to do too, because you tend to put too much "flesh" into the PH, therefore almost muting the string altogether. The best strings to practice PH on are the 3rd and 4th strings....or, in standard tunning, they would be G and D.
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