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Originally Posted by BLS
Passive EMG's are just pure shit, nuff said.

Active EMG's such as the 81, 60, 85 run off a 9v battery. This battery powers an eternal preamp, which gives an EMG its tone. Instead of relying on tonewoods and such for a good tone. EMG's have very little feedback, and help tighten up the low end, this is why their the prime choice of many metal acts. EMG's are a good choice if you wish to upgrade a crappy guitar because it will make a HUGE difference, but putting an EMG in a high quality instrument built of the finest woods is just stupid, and that high quality instrument with EMG's will sound very similar so the shit guitar with EMG's.

Meh, thats the best description i can give, long story short... a good Passive Pickup in a good guitar will kick and EMG's ass anyday.

Meh im not saying that passive emgs are good, but they arnt exactly pure shit, alexi laiho uses the hz's in his guitars, i dunno why he does but all i know is it sounds pretty damn good.
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