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Does anyone know fleshgrind? i kan sing - uhh, growl- like him. or the same technique is employed in the Dying Fetus deep vocalist.

but i have lots of growls. id REALLY REALLY REALLY like to know how to scream, anyone? like the December guy in 'Umbilical'

i dont use the back of my throat at all. i kind of lossen my cheeks and reverberate a growl through that, pushing my tip of my tongue to inbetween the top canine and the one left of it [left top canine]. thats for my deep growl. it sounds like Cannibal Corpse but a little more distorted? its lower anyway.

but for fleshgrind / low dying fetus vox, i suck air in insteead of blowing out. just like breathing through your mouth.
breathe in and you put a little pressure on the windpipe, it makes a ... fucking wierd noise. push it lower and aply more pressuer, and yoy can master it to become fleshgrind.
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