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Originally Posted by BLS
install yourself... hell their quick connect.,, and the pots and shit are alreayd wired for you. It idiot proof

You probably got the zac wild set obviously since your name is BLS, i think that set is prewired but i ordered the 81 and 60 seperate for around 80 bucks a peice from guitarparts depot and it was a bitch installing them, it was my first time doing pickups and in my explorer (used to be huge james hetfield fan) it has a very small area to work with so it took me 6 hours on and off with little breaks and shit here and there, yes you may mock me, but hell i dont fuckin saulder so rot in hell, and i do like the quickconnect so you can get another emg or somthing and switch them back and forth depending on how you feel or somthing. I do recomend the ZW set for people with LP's though it comes with the long pot and everything, allthough i just got a new Les Paul custom (epiphone, im to poor for Gibson) i was gonna pop the zw in but i figured i wanna get good passive tones from it so i got a duncan invader and a duncan 59 vintage, its pretty badass. EMG's are the shit though nice output and the 60 sounds the best for a clean neck tone, very warm and full. Gettin an 81 on my new ran custom im savin up for. RAN Rules all
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