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Angelo is reeeeeeeeeeeally faaaaaaaaaaaaast, and pretty amazin...i dislike his haircut though......
HE isnt sped up at his videos, ive seen him play live two times, the second time i got the chance to be pretty close to him, almost felt his sweat haha and yeah he does that thing of "over under the neck" really fast and he moves his head really strange too, like a toy or something like that but its because you make a lot of "pression" or i dont know in your arm, the muscles startsa too felt pretty hard and he also puts face like "my god, my arm is wonna fall into pieces" but im sure he does it by himself....besides he is very cool, friendly and very accesible to all the persons at clinics, i could talk to hiim a little after the clinic, have a photo & an autograph, pretty cool dude

ooohh i forgot...the main question of the topic, i think the starlicks vid is pretty much better than the speed kills, there are more complex examples and i think speed kills is a bit simple....compared to the starlicks vid, i shopuld buy that one....and cds i like a lot "planet gemini" the song planet gemini is pretty amazin, one of his bests albums....
"Yodeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii hoooooooo"
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