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I know what you mean. I'm sure Soulinsane does, too. I'm proud of my kids. I think they turned out all right so far. They've lived some rocky roads sometimes, but they manage to pick themselves up and make life a little better for themselves. If you had known what he was like 5 years ago and seen the changes in him, it still amazes me.

There is something about seeing men and women in uniform that makes me walk a little taller and feel a little safer. And when it's summer whites Navy uniforms it seems even moreso for some reason. To see one sailor in a crowd of civilians makes my heart leap, but seeing them on the bases and all the structure just makes me feel really proud to know my kid, his dad,and his dad ,and my dad were all part of the system. Even though there's a few rotten ones either following orders or taking detriment into their own hands, I know they're the minority. They should be punished. But for the most part we have a military to be very proud of. God bless 'em.
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Grimm:I could read your mind but its in font size .5
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