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hey Gram, was there also pride in there? pride that your son works for our country? and if he's going off "to sea" then, pride that he's fighting for our country, that he's putting his life in danger for all of us back here on the shore?
do you know why my great uncle fought in WWII, invaded Normandy, Sicily, Naples, fought, and lived and Monte cassino? do all of you know why he did this? it's so that we could grow up, so that we could live in peace, but i think he realized while he was fighting that he was also doing this for people like me. people who would grow up and do exactly what he's doing. who put their lives on the line, so that others can grow up and do the same thing. this is why we fight, this is why we die. some must die so that others can live. i don't know about you, but i'm going to be one of the ones who is willing to die. because i value freedom, and not just my own, but also the freedom of people around me.
sorry about the lecture guys, but i just had to get that out.
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