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Marty Friedman is technically superior to Chris Poland on all levels. I'll definitely agree, though, that Peace Sells had more groove than any other Megadeth album, and I listen to that album constantly, which is to say more often than I listen to their other albums, which is also very often.

BTW, hearing that Chris Poland is collaborating with Dave makes me think that Chris never heard the fucking song "Liar" off of So Far, So Good... Too bad, it's a badass fucking song. The way Poland used to be, I'm fucking surprised he's even still alive. His buddy Gar (RIP, who left the band in support of Chris when he was kicked out) wasn't so lucky. Shit like he did usually catches up to you. Good luck to him and Dave.

BTW, I don't really like new Megadeth. I don't think it sucks, I'm just not a big fan of that style of rock. Let's face it, it's not metal anymore.
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