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-Metallica:mop, One, Harvestor of sorrow, Blackend, Seek and Destroy, ...and justice for all
-Slayer: Raining Blood, Expendible youth, Skelitons of society, Jesus saves
-Pantera: Walk, Mouth for war, Cemitary gates, FUCKING HOSTAL!!!
-Vanhalen: Eruption
-AC-DC: Back in Black (this one takes the cake... fun as hell to play)
-Rush: YYZ
-LedZeppelin: Black mountain side, Babe im gonna leave you, Over the hills and far away, Stairway to heaven, Bron-Yr-Aur(the one on pysical graffiti)
-Joe Saturoni: Surfing with the Alien, Midnight
-Malesteen- hell dont know any "songs" of his in particular but i use bits and pieces of his solos.
-Michal Angelo Batio: hmm let me see... damn some day... someday...
-Hendrix: Vodoo Chile, Purple Haze, and of course hendrix style star spankled banner
-Steve Vai: no wait none of his stuff is fun to play, because it sounds like crap...
-Soloing: more fun then any of these is random soloing, the only time im truly free from all the burdens of my crapy life.
Easy: most of the above
Awsome: all of the above (why the fuck would i be playing it if it wasnt awsome?)
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