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Originally Posted by ShredIsNotDead
im trying to listen to some metalcore bands. They seem alright. I like this avenged sevenfold band i might pick up an album of theirs. They have a good guitarist.

Get Jane Doe by Converge - it's absolutely essential if you want to expand your metalcore collection. Jacob Bannon is an absolute dervish in his vocal delivery and the guitars are crushingly heavy. If you're after KsE style metalcore then look elsewhere, but this album takes you on an intense journey to metalcore fulfilment and as the album's last death throes fade into oblivion you'll sit back in awe of the mastery of the previous 50 minutes.

Also try the brilliant Cold Blue by The Hope Conspiracy - after 22 minutes of whirlwind fury and buzzsaw riffs you'll be wondering how you ever got by without hearing them. Ten songs of pure energy that will have you reaching for the repeat button in no time.

Other bands/albums to check out:

Drowningman (RIP) - Rock And Roll Killing Machine. This is one of those albums that gets better with each listen - genius. Simon Brody's delivery is excellent and the guitarists rarely play the same thing as each other but it works to perfection.

Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity. Again, an album that just keeps getting better and better with each listen. You'll find some nice blast-beating coupled with angular riffs in stark contrast to calm passages and jazzy interludes. This album is a perfect example of a group of guys who are perfect exponents of complex and technical music.

Stamping Ground - Carved From Empty Words. A mixture of riffs that Slayer would be proud of and HC beatdowns. Unlike hardcore however, they have that little bit extra that keeps your attention for more than 3 minutes.
Album of the day:

Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn
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