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Just got a call from the shipping company. They located the guitar and learned why Customs still has it. It seems that they have released it, but that only means they're ready to release it once they are done with it, because I payed for it. Seems my guitar has made its way to the Customs investigation dept for further inspection, and they will not tell the shipping company why. Only told the shipping company that it looked suspicious. What is there it investigate about it? It's a guitar made for me in Poland! I guess Customs has to play it and make sure that it isn't to nice to own, because if one of those things get into the US it could ruin the guitar rip-off industry here. Don't those fuckers have anything better to do then put finger prints all over my guitar? I know they are got to open it.

The bad news is that this shit could take another week or more I'm going to have a nervious brake down because of this shit.
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