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Lastest news in the journy of the Soulinsane signature Ran guitar.

I learned today that when the shipping company went to pick it up from the Customs warehouse last night something was wrong. Customs tried to give the shipping company something in 9 pieces Yes, I freaked out because I thought that it was the guitar, but later found out that it wasn't. It was some other parcel with 9 pieces, but with what seems to have the same waybill # as my guitar... How does that happen I ask, because my tracking waybill # has 16 digits. Well, the shipping company is asking Customs to explain where the guitar is and fast. The shipping company has been kind and helpful to me. They got all the Customs paper work done super fast. They have a rep to keep and they pride themself on fast quality shipping, so it seems they are as pissed off as I am about this, as it makes their records look like shit.

Allow me to reiterate... Damn the US Customs Office
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