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shit, mushroomhead is. seen them live and wanted to throw up, I really, really didn't like them, they seemed like a gay ass dicksnot rip off with no creativity in riffs and all.

I agree with Atif, Skinlab ain't half bad, especially the old album, ehhh second skin or something, I got it somewhere over here. ahyeah, Skinlab Disembody : the new flesh. its not total crap.

Deftones is pretty neat too, they have a good live show IMO and some songs have a really chilly mood, but I guess they're more on the 'progressive' side of things too (especially if you listen to white pony)

as for Live, Mudvayne isnt bad, they have a crazy bassist, but I can't be arsed to actually listen to their cds (horrible...) same goes for that Chi-something band.

99% of all nu-metal is poop though
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