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Well if they just wanted to play it they could come by my house. I would be glad to let them... Not really, not after this.

Either way, it had better show up spotless after customs handles it or else I will contact some of my peeps and get shit delt with, to hell with what Bush might think. I work for the government too. I have been here longer than Bush and I can make shit hit the fan from the inside out, because this is BS! No one should have to deal with this shit over a guitar. It's a guitar not a Polish battle tank being shipped to me! I have tracked this guitar half way across the world and now it's stuck in NY. Every time someone does something with it a barcode is scanned and I can track it online. Well just today the bar code has been scanned 9 times, only 3 from Poland to NY, and is still in NY and being held by Customs. I can't get an answer as to what is being done with it except it's being held, to pay them, and that I might get it next week.

I hope everything works out. How ever long it takes it had better get to me in perfect condition. I will pester them every day until I get it.
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