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Your right! I will not care once I get it, but only if it's as good as I hope it will play and sound. It had better rock my world.

I thought I had all this Customs shit done with, but at the last fucking second, pow, "fuck you, pay us or we keep it". God dammit I payed for it so they should let me have it. Foggot ass bastards Maybe Canada wouldn't be such dickholes about customs. I know that this is all because it's from Poland. Next time I'm flying there to get it personally!

I have been raging all day about this shit! I'm feeling better but those fuckers are lucky that I just don't drive up to NY and kick someones ass for this! I know where they are at.

My shipping cost does include insurence so if any thing happens to this guitar while they have it then... fuck... I don't know what I will do. US Customs will just claim they didn't do it. Plus, paper work and shit gets lost by those fuckers for years some times. Right, like I'm sure they would just loss it, those crooked assheads.

They said it's going to take a week + for the paper work to go through and for the guitar to get to me from NY, so maybe next week I will be able to post my review and pics. Sorry people
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