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Damn the US Customs office, DAMN THEM TO HELL!!!!!!!!

I should have got the guitar yesterday, which would have been on time, but oh no... US Customs had to keep it. They want their cut in the deal too. Can't get something nice from Poland without paying for it in the US as well!
Those fuckers put a $109 tax and duty charge on my guitar and are keeping it in New York. It's my guitar but they are going to keep it forever if I don't pay, so I bent over and took up the ass and payed the damn $109 But now I have to wait another week or longer until everything clears with Customs and it is finally sent UPS to my front door. I AM SO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe the IRS or the democratics or the ATF or the FBI or the CIA will want their cut too

Has anyone every had to deal with this shit before? I have brought stuff back that cost even more than this guitar from over seas before and didn't get charged a dime! What the fuck changed?

PISSSSSSSSED OOOOOOOOOFFF, shit! shitshitshitshit
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