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Originally Posted by andrewc

not a cheap one though you can only get a rather utterly shit sound out of it.
jacksons and ibnaezs make alright lead guitars on stage and they feel comfortable of course.

something i wouldnt go for is a gibson. LPs are incredibly heavy (weight wise that is ) and unbalanced, and flying V is of course physically impossible to sit down with.

but yeah, a BC warlock does me fine both for standing and sitting down, feels light, very good sound, and looks nothing short of killer!!!!

yea but the warlock is only good when custom looks good but everyone has one so its kinda not so cool anymore. the only good warlock on the b.c. rich site is the mick thompson nj signature series...Flying V's are amazing, u dont have to sit down with a guitar, but Alexi Laiho's guitars are awesome! I saw the Kerry King nj signature series at the b.c. rich site and it looked fucking drop dead amazing.
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