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Yeah i have a lee jackson perfect connection preamp and power amp and the distortion on the preamp kills anything else ive ever played in person. The only prob is the eq on mine does absolutely nothing (except for treble which its just a pot and cap and the mid shift which is very useful), dont know if its supposed to be like that or its just broken. I dont have a cab yet but ive played the poweramp through one and it sounded pretty damn awesome. All i need is a cab, furman power unit, and im thinking about getting a rocktron xpression because its pretty cheap and seems to do everything i would need.

As far as distortion pedals go every guitar guy uses at least one basically according to i guess they just feed that into their super expensive killer amps. A good pedal that noone has mentioned is the seymour duncan pickup booster, just adds gain without changing tone at all. I havent used it but ive read reviews and it does exactly what its supposed to. So that way you can get crazy output out of a strat or somethin.
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