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Originally Posted by DEAD
I was think of building up a rack rig. Do you have much trouble with troubleshooting problems? Personally I wouldnt have much in my rack, preamp, poweramp, eq, BBE sonic maximizer, and maybe an effects unit if my preamp didnt meet my needs(which it will since I'm basic in my sound). And do you have any suggestions of preamps? I already have my eyes on that Carvin all tube power amp.

i don't have any trouble shooting problems. i just plug everything in and leave it like that, show up for a gig, plug into my pedalboard, hook up my cabs, turn on my powerconditioner, watch my rack light up(looks sci-fi ) adjust my volume, tune my guitar, and then help the rest of my band get there shit up.
some things like my ibanez msp 1000(compressor/15 band graphic eq/notch filter) don't even need to be on. so if it did malfunction my rig would still work but my sound would change a little because it wouldnt be going through the eq/comp/notch part, but nothing crucial. none of my shit has ever really crapped out on me.
the only thing that has been pissing me off lately is my midibuddy controller, but thats because some dumbass(me ) knocked over a can of orange soda on it and now it's starting to get pissy with me.

i have a bbe 462 sonic maximizer and the way it helps my setup is absolutely amazing, it tightens up my lows and helps me cut through the mix better without turning up my amp. i recommend one to everybody with or without a rack.

a power conditioner is always smart to have especially if you have alot of things in your rack, i got my furman rackrider with lights brand new for $60. but they have all sorts of fancy ones with voltage meters,tuners, ect. that will cost more, but i just needed the basic power conditioner. the lights are always good to have on dark stages and shit.

as for a preamp, it depends on what sound you want. you don't seem like the kind of guy that digs the mesa sound, but you might be suprised with some of the preamp shit they got.
some people hate valve midi preamps like the ada mp-1,marshall jmp-1, mesa triaxis, h&k access, ect. because they arent 100% tube. so you just got to decide what you want in that area, tube,valve, s.s.(analog), or digital

alot depends on how much you're willing to spend. the best preamp buy for the money imo is the ada mp-1, you could snag one off ebay for under $150, and the mp-1's were practically made to be modded. but they still sound great stock.
if you go to they have a bunch of mods/schematics available. so if you're interested in the mp-1 you should check that site out.

heres an mp-1

i've gone through several preamps to try and find the right tone and each time i find something better for me. first a mesa vtwin(rack), then i got stuck on an mp-1... then the bogner/hafler triple giant came along(i still have, and i'm selling), and now i'm in love with my jmp-1.

one thing with digital/valve/midi preamps like the mp-1 and jmp-1 is they have a battery that needs to be replaced every few years so you can store and save your presets. no biggy though.

some people also get pedals rackmounted in drawers like noise suppressors,tone boosters,eq's, and so on. and they just leave them on.

some good tube poweramps especially for the price are the peavey classics. i myself am going for the mesa simul class 2:90 because it is really powerful(i can use one side and keep the other for a backup),simul class(class A and class A/B running simultaniously),only two rack spaces,stereo,and it has few more cool options.
heres a 100w tube carvin poweramp.. not bad but you could do better for the price range.
mesa 2:50

2:90 like what i want

an oldschool simulclass 2/95

peavey classic 60/60 & 50/50

and this is just fucking awsome, i think def said he wanted one of these....
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