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Originally Posted by metalprep6969
I don't get why you don't just use a head? At least that comes with an preamp and a power amp. BTW, what kind of poweramp do you use?


right now i'm using a peavey cs800 poweramp until i can afford a mesa simul class 2:90.
and one reason i find rack gear is better for me is flexibility. i can control my jmp 1, and tc electronic g major with one midi controller so i don't have to tap dance over a huge pedalboard.
a head is just a really simple rack(preamp+poweramp) in the same chasis.
but with a true rack rig you can mix and match different brands and types of gear. tuners noise suppressors,sonic maximizers, effects,preamp,poweramp,powerconditioner,eqs,compressors,filters, and so on. once i complete my rack it will be capable(hell it is now) of doing more than any head.
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