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Originally Posted by CANNIBALCORPSE
You use a pedal for distortion??

no, i use my jmp 1... it's my preamp, not a pedal.... so it's my "amps distortion"..
pedals just don't cut it in the real world. any serious gigging musician will tell you that. mostly because in order for a pedal to sound good with an amp the amp has to have a great clean channel that stays clean when turned up. and even then, just the overall power behind a good amps distortion is just something a pedal cant give.
when i went from pedal to my mesa vtwin rack preamp, the vtwin didnt have as much "gain" as some of the pedals i had been playing on, but when i turned it up the power and tone(that wasnt lost like with pedals )made me never look back. since then i've moved on to even better preamps with more gain and power.
i've owned my share of pedals in the past, but looking back now.... i should have just not bought a dozen different distortion/o.d. pedals(that just end up broken,stolen,lost,sold for less,ect.) .. instead i should have just bought a jmp-1 in the begining.
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