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I'll be sure to listen to more of (Kerry King's) playing in the near future. He's probably better than I've ever given him credit for!

- Wild Child

OK, I've listened to Kerry King, and he's exactly as I pictured him to be. I know there's some die-hard Slayer fans here (I'll never be one)... don't take this personally - but Kerry King wouldn't even make my Top 100 list of guitarists.

He seems to have some speed, but that's it. He has no apparent taste... he just rips, and that's it. Guitarists like Aleixi Laiho, Kirk Hammet, Marty Friedman and Randy Rhoads (just to name a few)have more intricately planned solos. Their leads and solos are relevant to the song. For example, Laiho RIPS in Silent Night, Bodom Night, because it's a fast-tempoed song. However, in Bed of Razors, a medium-tempoed song, his playing suits the overall structure of the song perfectly. The solo adds to the song, instead of taking away from it. King, on the other hand, just shows off, from what I can tell.
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