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Originally Posted by metalprep6969
The other guitarist in my band uses the BBE, it's fuckin sweet. If i was a rack man, i'd definitely wanna get one of those, but at the current time, i don't have the money to be a rack man, just my guitars into my boss ME-50 into my 5150II into my...WHAT?...i don't have a cab yet...damn it. But yeah the Boss ME-50 is pretty cool. Instead of it being a digital processor, it's just a bunch of stomps put together. I think chorus is my favorite effect besides the obvious distortion and wah. Chorus plus distortion is freaking sweet, thickens the sound up a lot.


i hope you don't use that boss multi effect pedal for your dist.... because that would just be sad. but anyways, you don't have to be completely racked, alot of people i know use heads, but then they have small racks that consist of stuff like a powerconditioner, a tuner, a sonic maximizer... ect.
you could just pick up a bbe sonic maximizer used for pretty cheap and then put it in the fx loop of your head.
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