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Thanks man, guitar is my life, I spend a buncha time learning about it. What I meant by "in line like a strat's" is the three knobs on a strat are in a line (they are actually 1 vol, 2 tone. I want to have my volumes spaced like that and have the tone to the right of it (further from the neck than the volumes). I think that would be about the easiest for quick knob adjustments, which is pretty essential for live playing.

If you guys like fully customizable guitars, I'd recommend you check out Carvin guitars. THey are cheap and they have incredible reviews. The guitars are beautiful an very nicely priced (as is all of their stuff). I've heard people say they like them better than any other guitar they've ever played: LPs, PRSs, etc etc... The body styles are less radical than the Ran guitars, but quite cool.

That invader looks freaking sweet fritz, nice paint job there.

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