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Fritz! Holy smokes dude! The paint job sounds cool as hell, but do you mean that only the beveled edges, neck, and peg face will be metallic black while the rest of the guitar is metallic red or that only that the front of the guitar body burst metallic red into metallic black or becomes black metallic sharp at the first front beveled edge of the body? Either way I realy like the 12th fret skull inlay and RR shape too. If you get it done post pics!

Metalprep6969, that will be one hell of a guitar too. A lot of binding but on a snow white guitar with block inlays ( nice touch on the CBT3 within the inlay too ) it looks really good. Also, very intrusting control config. I don't believe I have ever seen a 3x strat vol with one tone to the right and 3 way selector before, but I like it. I also had the bridge vol pot pleaced forward on my guitar with the neck second and tone last, just like a Jackson KV-1 control config.

Thanks for sharing your dream guitar specs. Post more if you like, because I think I'm taking over this thread ( sorry Undying_Hate, but can I have it as my own? ). I really like to hear about guitars.
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