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Fritz, why don't you post your specs here. I would like to see them because I'm a guitaroholic. I had not thought of asking them if they even made an RR model, but any V is comfortible for me to sit with classical guitar style. I hope that mine is badass; from everything I gathered about Ran they are; and that you could get your dream guitar built some day soon. If you do decide to get one and have any problems or questions about sending payment ( the hardest part for me ) then just message me. They want half up front and the other half before shipment, but it's cheaper to send it all at once. I have all the info saved on how I did it. It's kind of a pain, but it's only standard US customs and money convertion shit and not hard to get through once you've done it once.

Post your specs though. I would like to see them.
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