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Originally Posted by MoonRaven
from what ive played the K-7 isnt a bad guitar, who gives a fuck who plays the thing, if it sounds good, it sounds good. i am looking at a prs, not very metal look wise, but they sound amazing. you could always go les paul, although i am not a gibson fan, or a strat, although i am not a fender fan either. then there are's, which, no matter what people may say, are killer guitars, especially if you want a cool looking guitar. esp's arent bad, neither are jacksons, but the decision is really up to you, hell i play death metal on a squier affinity telecaster, which i have had since i started playing electric guitar almost 3 years ago, i have modified it though, but i still think it sounds shit loads better than any les paul or strat ive ever played.

are you aware that they colors look like ass and the floyd is useless because they sue that dumb bar... and you can get the same guitar for half the price... exactly who cares who plays it.... that why you get the cheaper verison with there names all over it.
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