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If not Rob then who wound have made a better bass player in Metallica today that is alive? I think Metallica is a good band ( now feeling the burn of your scorn around my neck ) even though they are not as musical heavy as in the times of yore. St. Anger sounded really crude and unmastered but that is just why I like it. I seen them play some of those songs live ( Rob really struggled too, but still did a good job without a pick ) with there old sound and they rocked, just like their old stuff. The Load twins even sound good to me( again, burning scorn ), but since it was Metallica's name on the album I think everyone expected something different, I did. It is their band and their music so I don't care if they want to play country music. If I hear it and like it then I just like it. I'm afraid that I am just a fan, help my poor soul.
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